Saturday, July 23, 2011


Sometimes life takes us along journeys we'd much rather not travel.  Yesterday began that journey for my family and I.  After many months of complaining of acid reflux and a 23 pound weight loss for my father, we learned that he has esophageal cancer.  His local surgeon is not specialized in surgery of the esophagus and Dad has been referred to a surgeon in Columbus.  So we wait some more.  My brothers, sister and I are numb right now.  Fortunately, my father seems to be taking it the best.  In the meantime and all throughout this journey, we will place our faith in God and pray for understanding.

I'm not sure how often I'll be posting projects over the next several days and months.  That's part of the journey I'll have to wait to travel.  Perhaps my heart won't be into stamping.  Perhaps stamping will be my great escape.  I'm really not sure right now.  My heart is with my father and as my only living parent I feel it's important to spend time with him.  I hope you all understand.

I do have a couple of projects that I created earlier this month.  I just need to photograph and edit them.  Hopefully, I'll post them soon.

Thanks for peeking in on me today!  Have a very blessed weekend.