Monday, June 21, 2010


Here's a card I made for my son to give to my co-worker, Teresa.  She gave him a nice card along with two black and orange school t-shirts for his eighth grade graduation.  You have to realize that she's a diehard Piketon Redstreak fan and let's just say my son attends a school that is a lifelong rival of Piketon's.  I told my son that it probably pained her soul to have to purchase those shirts and I'm sure she was shaking her head "no" as she handed the money over to the clerk to pay for them. LOL!  At any rate, I think it was a very nice gesture from her.  My son appreciates the shirts and wears them often.  Thanks, Teresa, for thinking of my son.  And by the way, "Go Tigers!!!" 

Thanks for peeking in on me today.  My husband, son and I have taken turns being sick this month.  I think we're finally on the mend.  Hallelujah!  I do have more cards to show you.  I'm just waiting on my dear hubby to edit them.  As you can probably tell, the card above is not edited, but I'm posting it anyway.

ETA:  Yay!  My husband edited this card for me!  It looks so much better now.