Friday, April 29, 2011


I came across this cute card and tutorial created by Brenda Quintana and knew right then and there that I had to try it out for myself.  I must say that the process is a little time consuming but the end result is worth it.

This card has very little stamping, but is filled to the brim with punch art.  Every now and then I like to change things up and break out those punches.  Isn't it amazing the beautiful art you can produce from punches?

If you've been following my blog you know that I am trying to mail out more of my handmade cards.  This card is no exception.  I mailed it to my friend's, Kim's, mother whose lung cancer has spread to her liver.  What's worse is that Kim's mother, Roxanne, suffered a stroke on top of everything else a few weeks ago.  She is making some progress in regaining her strength.  However, her chemotherapy treatments have been put on hold for now.  I have to say after I sent Roxanne this card, I felt really good that I actually followed through with putting the card in the mail.  Imagine my suprise a few days later when I received a thank you card from Roxanne.  Her words of gratitude brought me to tears.  She said she remembered me from Kim's and my college graduation.  That was in 1992!

Sorry for the long post.  If you stayed with this post to the end you deserve a prize!  Thanks for peeking in on me today!

ETA:  I scheduled this post a little over a week ago.  I am sad to say that my dear friend's mom, Roxanne, lost her battle to cancer on Tuesday morning.  Please keep my friend, Kim, and her family in your thoughts and prayers.