Friday, April 8, 2011


Yes, I know the title to my post is lame.  It's hard coming up with catchy titles sometimes.  As you can see, I finally caught up with my husband to photograph some of my creations.  It's not that he won't do it, he's actually a very good sport.  It's just that I always think I'm going to take the pictures and then I wimp out and ask him.  (Nicely, of course.)

This card is one that was made in last month's card class.  I usually don't do many projects with bright colors, but I was very pleased with the color combinations in this card.  Plus, I really like the "Sew Suite" stamp set.  I avoided buying this set for a while, but I saw so many projects on the web using this set that I eventually broke down and bought it.  I'm so glad I did. 

I promised my co-worker last year that I would mail out more of my handmade cards.  So in keeping true to this promise I sent this card to an old college friend who's going through a bit of struggles right now.  I recently reconnected with her on Facebook after almost no communications for approximately 17 years. We just got busy living life and raising families.  I'm so glad to get to know her all over again and catch up on her life.  And, I swore I would never get a Facebook account.  All I can say is, "Never say never!"