Sunday, August 29, 2010


The "P" word as in purple of course!  Believe it or not I truly love the color purple. I love it in fashion, love it in nail polish and I even love purple popsicles.   I just tend to shy away from it (okay, more like run or sprint) when making cards.  I just decided to take the plunge and conquer my fears with this card.  I'm not sure I've conquered my fears but I am telling myself, "Embrace the purple.  Embrace the purple."  So, in honor of the wonderful color purple, I pulled out my Perfect Plum card stock and ink.

 For some reason my card has a yellow cast to it.  Sorry for the funky glow, but I had my dear, patient man of a husband take this picture at night.  I should know better by now but if your dear,  patient man of a husband is willing to set up his camera to take a picture of your hobby...............well, you take what you can get.  I guess that's true unless you're willing to do it yourself.  Ummmmm, I'm not quite there yet!

Thanks for peeking in on me today!  I really, really need to prep for an upcoming card class I'm holding.  Hope to see you soon with another post!